Our Parent Forum

Our Parent Forum operates by one parent from each class acting as a representative and a voice for the other parents in their child's year group.

It has been set up to further develop our good partnership between our parents and the school.

Representatives are as follows:

Reception (Mrs Davis)       Charlotte Taylor                     charlottetaylor76@yahoo.com        

Reception (Miss Nutt)        Ellie Garbett/Victoria Falvey   elliegarbett10@gmail.com    vfalvey90@hotmail.com

Year 1                               Stacy Oliver/Nadine Law         stacy_oliver@hotmail.com    spennad@aol.com

Year 2                                Laura Heath                            laura.aldred@hotmail.co.uk                            

Year 3                                Holly Allen                               hrallen63@hotmail.com

Year 4                                Kate Childs                              k8e_2314@hotmail.com

Year 5                                Lindsay Anson                         anson_lj@hotmail.co.uk

Year 6                                Cheryl Power                           cherylpower83@gmail.com



They will meet on a regular basis with Mr Aiston and discuss any issues, ideas or opinions that have been raised.


Dates of the meetings are: